Vildvandring med Lisen Sundgren

Plant walk with Lisen Sundgren

Eating wild plants is entering a new taste world and an experience to all senses. The future food grows in the wild – the food in nature’s own larder is not just sizzling hot within the modern gastronomy but also among the most nutritious and environmentally friendly things you can eat. In addition, the plants open a new world of taste. Collecting wild plants for consumption is also a fantastic way of connecting to nature.

To pick and use wild plants require knowledge of where and how to pick, how to identify edibles and how best to prepare and cook them.

During this walk, you will get tip on how to use the plants found at Artipelag, try how they tastes and above all how to identify them.

Lisen will also give tips on how they can be used for food, skin care and improved health.

Lisen Sundgren has given courses on the use of wild edibles and grown plants for over 20 years and has written several books on the subject. She is a passionate ambassador for a life in co-existence with nature and has worked with prominent chefs across the country.

Practical information

Upcoming plant walks

Sunday July 5th


1.30–2.15 pm Introductory lunch in Bådan Café & Pâtisserie
2.15 pm Meet up at the foyer
2.20–4.20 pm Plant walk with Lisen Sundgren

Combine with forest bath

Same days as we arrange the plants walks, we also do forest baths in the morning.

These are also led by Lisen Sundgren and in the forest bath you will learn how to relax and absorb the tranquil effects of nature.


Plant walk and forest baths are booked separately but via the same booking link.


Price SEK 395 per person.

Book here >>

Limited number of 15 participants and first come first served applies.


Lunch consists of a ready packed bag containing a hearty vegetarian salad, a bottle of mineral water and a take away cup for coffee or tea.